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The Consortium considers that the protection, appropriate use of, and management of personal information is a primary social responsibility when carrying out its activities. In order to undertake this obligation, the Consortium will implement the following measures while performing its activities:

1.Collection, use and provision of personal information

  • We shall establish a system to protect and manage personal information. Then, considering the scale of our activity, we shall appropriately collect, use and disseminate such collected information.

2.Security measures to protect personal information

  • We ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information by taking rational protection/corrective measures against common risks for personal information (such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering or leaks)

3.Laws and norms for personal information

  • We shall comply with the laws and norms for personal information

4.Approaches to protect personal information (Compliance Program)

  • In order to appropriately protect personal information, we shall continuously work on improving and upgrading these measures.

5.Access log

  • The Website shall record access information (date and time of access, IP address, host name, browser, URL of website visited immediately prior to access, etc.) as an access log. The log shall be incapable of identifying individual users. The log shall be used for content improvement, maintenance, and statistical analysis of the Website, and for no other purposes whatsoever.


  • The Website shall employ “cookie” technology. The use of this technology shall make it easier for repeat users of the Website to obtain information; it shall in no instances violate users’ privacy. It should be noted that deactivating a browser's cookie function may hinder use of some services.