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What is " WHR"??

Objectives and outlines
The consortium is a forum for sharing information and discussions to pursue the practical use of thermoelectric conversion materials that are ‘pro-environmental’, such as Mg2Si, for waste-heat power generation and solar power generation use. We hope that this forum will be well used to widen intellectual networks and to address new projects for practical applications.
July 2009
Regular Members: 31 companies;
Special Members: 21 organizations (as of April 2013)
① Supported the organization of project teams consisting of the members of the Consortium.
② Conducted research meetings, exchange parties, and observation-tours. (Visited the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and candidate user industries (Users of industrial furnaces)
③ Held a Presentation Meeting to disseminate the achievements of our research.
(Conducted presentations by members at a meeting of the Consortium.)
④ Hosted seminars and lectures by experts in the field of thermoelectric technology at every General Meeting
⑤ Participated in exhibitions as a Consortium
Thermotech 2009, International Industrial Furnace Exhibition

ICT 2010 ( Shanghai),

ICT2011(USA), ECT2011(Greece),



⑥ Held Observation and Research tours for overseas thermo-electric conversion technologies



ICT/ECT2012(Netherlands), iAV2012(Germany)


  • In April 2010, some members of the Consortium established “The Association of Thermoelectric Conversion Technology”. The Association has been actively working to advance the full-scale development of thermoelectric conversion technology, while taking care of the Secretariat function.
  • ■Environmental measures of waste heat power generation
  • WHR power generation