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Activities in 2012

[from April 2012 to March 2013]


The 17th Meeting

March 12 (Tue), 2013

1.Greetings from the Chairman
2.Report on MRS
3.「Structure study on p-type MgSi Zintle phases and fabrication of multilayer-type TE devices」
4.‘Get together’ party


The 16th Meeting

December 6(Thu), 2012

1.Introduction of new members
2.Report meeting on exhibition at the booth in the iAV congress
3.「Thermoelectric applications, the reality check of a promise on the road to commercialization」
4. ‘Get together’ party


The 15th Meeting

October 10(Wed), 2012

1.Greetings from the Chairman
2.「Thermoelectric Generation; Study and Issues for Practical Automotive Applications」
3.「Development of Thermoelectric Materials Using Powder Metallurgical Process and Simulation Related to Thermoelectric Modules」
4.「Waste Heat Recovery with Thermoelectric Generation in China Steel Corporation」
5. ‘Get together’ party


The 14th Meeting

July 20(Fri), 2012

1. Introduction of new members
2. Report on ICT/ECT 2012:
 Ⅰ:Presentation on exhibition at Booth
 Ⅱ:Observation of the poster exhibition
3. Invitation to participants in the Congresses and Exhibitions
4. 「Scope for the forthcoming thermoelectric market」
5. 「Impact for the newly developed Mg2Si unileg module for thermoelectric power generation」
‘Get together’ party


The 13th Meeting

April 19(Thu), 2012

1.Greetings from the Chairman
2.Introduction of new members
3. Presentation of Achievements
4. Invitation to participants in the Congresses and Exhibitions
5.「Study on the thermal and structural analysis method for designing highly reliable thermoelectric device」
6.「A tubular thermoelectric generator for waste heat recovery」
7. ‘Get together’ party